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Founder of Nala Prana Nirankara foundation, a foundation which provides support for other social works / activities such as orphan house, home for diffable children, Islamic Boarding School, drug-addiction rehabilitation center, women empowerment activities and other efforts for human life improvement and development, and also supporting low economic empowerment.

Rolyta Manullang

Founder of Nala Prana Nirankara



Become a social facility that prioritized being care for each one and other



Support social activities that can be useful for others


Build a noble and religious character


Developing human values

What We Focus On

Orphan House

The Orphanage House is a social welfare business institution that has the responsibility to provide social welfare services to neglected children by carrying out sponsorship and alleviation of neglected children, providing substitute services for parents/guardians of children in meeting the physical, mental and social needs of foster children.

Home for Diffable Children

The Orphanage for Children with Disabilities is a special place for children who have limitations, both physically and mentally, who have difficulty performing certain roles.

Drug-Addiction Rehabilitation Center

Drug-Addiction Rehabilitation Center is a place devoted to rehabilitating victims of drug abuse in Indonesia. Rehabilitation is a good way for the healing process of victims of drug abuse.

Islamic Boarding School

Pesantren is a traditional Islamic educational institution in which students live together and study under the guidance of a teacher who is better known as a kiai and has a dormitory for students to stay. The santri are located in a complex that also provides a mosque for worship, space for study, and other religious activities.

Women Empowerment Activities

Women's empowerment can be defined to promoting women's sense of self-worth, their ability to determine their own choices, and their right to influence social change for themselves and others.

Supporting Low Economic Empowerment

Citizen’s low economic empowerment is an effort to create a strong, large, modern, and highly competitive economy from the right market mechanism. Because the obstacles to the development of the citizen’s economy are structural constraints, the empowerment of the citizen's economy must be carried out through structural changes.

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